Rsync Internet Backup

Backup files across the internet to an offsite location like a data center or a cloud provider.

Remote backup solution: for roaming users, home offices and companies
An offsite backup solution to data centres or cloud storage providers
Bandwidth optimisation including data compression while files are being transferred
Secure communication using Secure Shell to any SSH enabled host
VSS-Aware backups of SQL, Exchange and SharePoint servers while they are running
Encrypt your data at its destination.
Efficient data transfer using single instance store, so only new and modified data is transferred

Unlocking the flexibility of remote backups

Rsync saves money, adds flexibility and provides an extra protection layer to your back up solution.

Rsync is perfect for situations like:

  • An employee working from home who needs to back up important company data
  • A roaming employee who needs to back up information gathered on the road
  • When your remote site backs up to head office
  • When you want to back up critical data directly to a data center
  • You've just bought cloud storage instead of purchasing hardware

Use in-house or third-party Rsync destinations

Rsync is simple to use - all you need is a destination that supports the Rsync protocol and you can restore your data any time using BackupAssist.

Create your own Rsync host

Creating an Rsync host is easy. Simply set up Rsync on a Windows or Linux machine or a supported NAS device.

Use a cloud storage or remote storage provider

If your cloud storage provider supports Rsync then you can use this as a destination for your backups. Due to the popularity of Amazon's S3 storage, BackupAssist even has an S3 Rsync destination option that contains configuration fields specifically for Amazon S3.

Efficient, fast and secure

The safety of your data and the use of your bandwidth are critical considerations when backing up across the internet. For this reason, BackupAssist's Rsync Add-on includes both data efficiency and security features.

  • Encrypt data at your backup destination
  • Over-the-wire encryption with Rsync over SSH
  • Compression of all data packets sent across the internet
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Automatic retries on a network drop out
  • Exclude file types (e.g. *.mp3) to save space

Easy to use backups and restores

Backups made easy

When you use File Protection to create an Rsync backup, the wizard steps you through the process of selecting the data to back up, the destination and the backup schedule that you want to use. You can even set up email notifications using a managed recipients list.

Restores made easy

The BackupAssist Restore Console makes the restore process easy. Multiple backups can be searched and single backups can be browsed, all in the same intuitive interface. Select the data you want to restore and the restore destination, and let BackupAssist do the rest.

For information on getting the most out of Rsync visit our Video Presentations page.


  • Licensing
    BackupAssist for Rsync
  • Supported Microsoft OS
    Windows Server (2012/R2, 2008/R2);
    Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Method
    File Protection based backups (in-file delta) to any Rsync server. VSS support.

Customer testimonials

"We have 3 servers, 2 with [competitor] and one that wasn't backing up. I was looking for a solution for the 3rd server but didn't want to pay for [competitor].

"Your application was... much easier to use with the same level of protection."

"I'm glad that we found BackupAssist. Whilst we realise the importance of backups ourselves, it has always been difficult to sell to clients in small to medium business when we had to include software with a $1000+ price tag. BackupAssist will make the sale much easier not only because of the price tag, but because we KNOW that it works so well."

"NTBackup scheduling is clumsy and unreliable. Client did not want to spend on [major competitors'] products."

"Another Computer consultant evaluated, purchased and recommended this software to Network Integration Solutions Inc. Since then, we are so impressed, that as far as I'm concerned any of our new servers will have a license of BackupAssist to make the media management simple."

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